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New Painted Slot Car Bodies



Slot Car Accessories

Unpainted Bodies
for Slot Car

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Car Pads
$5.99 Each
"For storing and displaying your cars in your box or on the table."
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P.C.R. Plastic Car Racing
 3D Printed Chassis

Available in Red, White, Orange, Blue and Purple- 4" and 4 1/2"
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 NEON Tech Block
For more details and to purchase, click Here!

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"Slot Car Cleaning Solution"
This product will clean your bodies, motors, chassis, track, braid, and more!
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Wheel Well Marker
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All New Power Stand
See Pictures and Purchase the Power Stand Here!

News from a Go fast Customer:
"Hi Tracy, I used the Go Fast Tires .615 hub 36 hardness to run a new Austrian record in 27L 1.99! Thanks!" -Rick Verbeek

New products!
New products!

BIG A$$RETRO TIRES    $16.50 a Pair

Go Fast Pit Stations

Go Fast Pit Stations- Custom Made to Fit Your Racing Needs!
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Here are some examples:

Go Fast Products Introduces the NEW Timing Tool!
$175 each
Download the user guide below!

Go Fast Products NEW Armature Meter
Available now for $175 each

Motor and Parts Boxes: 
$2.99 each sold in packs of 6 for $17.94
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Go Fast GAUSS Meter

See all details about this new product here!


Mr Sticky's Track Glue
Drag Glue and Round Track Glue
Available in Light-Regular-Super Sticky


Go Fast Products will be broadcasting LIVE from the Go Fast Shop bringing you "How To" events, sharing with you how we bring Industry Leading Technology to the Slot Car world today. Also Join our Go Fast LIVE ON THE ROAD events-

Introducing Go Fast Products "Space Rubber" Tires
for Slot Car racing!
Read more about our Industry Leading Tires

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